Bucket List

1 catch fireflies in a jar []

2 go to Africa []

3 summit a mountain []

4 get married [x]

5 make a CD with my music on it (or however many it takes) []

6 ride my bike into another state. From state A to state B []

7 design and craft my own djembe and/or cajon []

8 go to a professional hockey game [x]

9 go legit rock climbing []

10 visit Rhode Island []

11 get a nice camera []

12 bless somebody obviously homeless with some money and food []

13 go to the top of the Space Needle []

14 take a ride in a hot air balloon []

15 see the Northern Lights []

16 wash someone’s feet. Literally [X]

17 swim with dolphins.. Or even just one.. []

18 care for orphans, either in my home or at an orphanage []

19 buy someone who is shoeless.. Some shoes.. Of their choice []

20 weave my own basket []

21 quilt a blanket from scratch []

22 write a blog every day for one year [x]

23 become pretty fluent in another language []

24 make my own ceramic bowl or mug []

25 paint some mural thing.. On a wall []

26 travel across the US, not by airplane, stopping wherever and documenting it all with photos []

27 complete a scrapbook of one full year []

28 take the train []

29 dress up like an indian and ride a horse []

30 learn the banjo [in progress!! Learning :)]

31 backpack Europe []

32 make something epic out of toothpicks, popsicle sticks, marshmallows and peanut butter []

33 have a pet goat []

34 catch a butterfly in my bare hands [x]

35 make a picture out of nature items. Take a photo []

36 live out of my car for at least a week []

37 try foreign food in foreign countries []

38 do karaoke for real []

39 storm chase []

40 have a feather bouquet at some point [x]

41 hitchhike []

42 get a book (like a novel), and make it into an art book. Paint, draw, color, destroy.. Craft-ize it! []

43 win tickets to a concert or plane tickets or something sweet like that []

44 ride a double decker bus (as such, they have in London) .. In London []

45 have dreads []

46 plant a geochache [x]

47 go to the Indy 500 []

48 sponsor a child from another country [x]


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