Superbowl Sunday!

For those of you who maybe aren’t “in-the-know” with sports, this Sunday, February 1, is the Superbowl. That’s football. Anyway, our youth group is having a Superbowl party and we decided it would be fun to have raffle prizes! Now we decided we needed to think of a nice way to display them without everyone knowing what they were getting.. Surprise is our friend! Caleb found a few ideas on pinterest, and we decided to go with the nice football bags! These could be used for gift bags, goodies bags, or any sort of giveaway – especially if your even is centered around football or sports! So….. Here we go!

Things you will need:



-scissors/paper cutter

-hole puncher


-paper bags

-white printer paper

What to do:

First, you will want to cut the long strips for the football. Approximately, mine measured 14cmx3cm or 1.25″x5.5″. The reason I say approximately is because I had a bunch of printer sheets cut in half (hamburger style) from another project and then I simply measured 3cm all the way down the long side. IMG_4370IMG_4371IMG_4372Next, you can cut up all of the short football strips. Again, these are approximately 7.5cmx2cm or 2.75″x0.75″. Now, the way I did this was starting with my half sheets and cutting them in half again (hotdog style this time!). Then I measured out 2cm all the way down the long side. For me it was much easier this way!

IMG_4373IMG_4374Now it’s time to create footballs! Grab your glue or double sided tape or whatever you want to use to adhere the strips to the paper bag, and stick down the long strip.

IMG_4376After that is nicely pressed down, get yourself 3 short strips and glue those down. Generally, I would stick the middle one down, and that way it could be centered. This made it easier for me to see where the other two should end up.

IMG_4377Woohoo! We are almost done :)

Next you will want to unfold the bag and make sure to fill it with whatever you are giving away before you fold over and hole punch the top! I found it was easier to fill it first, and then do the folding so the holes wouldn’t get all mixed up.IMG_4380As you can see, all I could find was my star hole punch, but whatever you have works great! Circles, stars, hearts… As long as it is a hole you can put ribbon through, you should be okay! :) Another note about hole punches: the closer the holes are, the easier it is to tie a bow (if bows are your thing). In this example, mine were quite far apart which made my bow small and also cinched in the sides. If that’s what you’re going for, by all means, modify it to what you like!! :)

IMG_4381And there you go! Easy as can be! I had some ribbon and some raffia, and I think both look great!

I hope this was easy to follow, because they sure are easy to make! Enjoy :)


IMG_4383 IMG_4389


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