Monday.. Oh, wait- it’s Wednesday!

So.. The plan I made for posting regularly included a post on Monday, which you do not see because I never wrote one.. My bad! I simply didn’t do it. But that is the beauty of this blog (for me) is that I can learn about what works for me – how to schedule it into my time and things like that! I really am excited to get back into the groove of writing, because I think it is really helpful for me to just write and write and write. In my Monday posts, I am planning to share a more creative post with the interwebs. This might be a bunch of pictures of things I did that week, or a project I finished, or what I baked/cooked recently. There are so many possibilities because I really love to do all sorts of creative things! :) I thank God that he created me to be so artsy and to see the world differently. I admire his handy-work (which is a process in itself, to be honest). A few weeks ago, I decided to make some muffins, and may I say these were delicious?! Because they were! Getting pictures of food is not my forte, so I will need to work on that I think.. Here’s a picture of the yummy coffee-cake muffs! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These were really very easy to make! The hardest part was probably making the crumbles small enough. Even when I put them on, they were still a little bit big, but I think that could have to do with the temperature of the butter, or things like that. Whenever Thanksgiving comes around this year, I am really hoping that I can bake my own pie! From scratch! I just think that would be so amazing and yummy! And what an accomplishment! I was telling a friend about this the other day, and as I thought more about it, I just keep wanting to! So when I do, you can bet it will come up on here :) Have a great day, filled with love, light, and laughter!


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