Saturday Afternoon Ramblings..

As you might could tell, I have really gotten out of the habit of writing this blog. Just to think that a year or two ago, I wrote every day! It’s just another thing that I will have to get myself into a habit of doing, because I think it truly is beneficial – for me anyways!

Well, I did manage to take some pictures this past week, so I’ll share a few of the better ones with you :)

My handsome husband, before we headed out for the day :)

My handsome husband, before we headed out for the day :)



One view of our garden that we planted!

One view of our garden that we planted!

The long view! We're so excited to have fresh veggies :)

The long view! We’re so excited to have fresh veggies :)

Ooooh, pizza on the grill!

Ooooh, pizza on the grill!

"It's going to be so yummy!"

“It’s going to be so yummy!”

The finished pizza.. Delicious :)

The finished pizza.. Delicious :)

So, there are a few pictures. I hope they made you smile! I’ll try to take more, because I kind of forgot again this week.. Phooey! Picture taking is another habit that is hard to get into because sometimes its awkward.. Like, “hey wait. Hold that pose with the pizza while I try to snap the perfect picture that may or may not go up on the internet for the world to see”! Haha, so I guess we’ll just see how that goes.

My husband has a nice camera, but it kept giving him an error, so we need to take it into a camera shop to see if they can fix it. I really hope they can because it was originally a gift that I gave him for his birthday.. Sooooooooo, I want him to be able to use it! :)

As far as life updates.. #1 I am in my second week of a church planting class (for those that don’t know, I am finishing my degree online. I may talk about this in more depth in another post). So far it is pretty interesting. I like the style my professor has, in that he has made it more small group-ish in a way. It is kind of hard sometimes to achieve a classroom setting within the online community, but each professor has their own style too, so that is nice. The church planting class (CPM – Church Planting Models – if I ever abbreviate) is my third class for the spring semester, so that means I have one more after this. And then only one more semester!! It will be so nice to be done with school.. But then I am not sure what I will do with all my time since I don’t have a job right now.. Maybe I will look into getting one when the time comes closer. It is hard to know what would really be best because Caleb and I only have one vehicle, so transportation is limited for one when the other has the car. It isn’t really that big of a deal at the moment, but if I did get a job.. Well I guess he and I will just have to figure that out when it comes!

#2 Last night (Friday, April 11,2014), we held Community Night at the church for our students! At first there was a good mix of boys and girls and of different ages too, but then about four of the students had to leave! No more girls. So my evening was spent with a bunch of middle- and high-school boys.. It was actually pretty fun though. We played ultimate frisbee with this huge frisbee that we found downstairs! We made pancakes and bacon for dinner, and then had ice cream floats during a movie we watched. I hope our students will come to see the significance of spending more than just an hour together on a Sunday night.

#3 I can’t really think of a third big thing that happened/will happen this week.. I guess that is okay though! I’m making up for this late post with a lot of words ;)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! :)

You are so dearly loved.



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