It is here, it is finally here! The spring weather has finally hit and I am super excited for what the rest of this season has in store. It feels like there is lots coming up for Caleb and I. The biggest close thing is that Caleb is preaching this Sunday, since our head pastor will be speaking at a revival somewhere over the weekend. We decided to make this Sunday more of a “youth Sunday”, and I think the kids that we were able to get involved with it are excited about it.

Anyway, life for me has been going somewhat smoothly. I think my faith has been in a stabilizing type of stage right now, and I am definitely learning lots about the nature of God. This past weekend, on the 30th of March, Caleb and I and a few others went to a worship gathering in Asheboro, NC. I was again reminded of how purpose filled my life is, and how God has given me the whole earth to fulfill that purpose. I’m not content with my spirituality, and I really think that is a good thing. Truly I do!

If I was, I wouldn’t be seeking God’s smile.

And I want him to smile on me!

I think my life can be characterized lately as opportunities that I have and have not taken. Like opportunities to get up and run in the morning, opportunities to pray as I eat breakfast, opportunities to prepare a nice meal for my husband and I, opportunities to read ahead for class, opportunities to connect with a student, opportunities to make a new friend.. Those kinds of things. They are the small things, the every day things, the things that really would make you feel good about your day.

Growth is coming, so I am going to make a few goals and they are as follows:

1. Take more pictures. When I capture the moments around me, I remember them better. I truly think that my memory isn’t the greatest and photos are such a wonderful way to help that. Scrapbooking has also been an interest in the back of my mind but I definitely haven’t documented nearly enough to make that a possibility right now.

2. Blog routinely. When I blog, I am also able to remember. Apart from sharing the things I am learning, it helps me look back and see what the Lord has done in my life recently. Blogging is a sort of release for me because lots of times I’m not entirely sure of what my thoughts are. This way I can remember, and also think out loud! Plus it’s probably a good update for my family who lives across the country.. (love you!!)

3. Praise God for His great goodness!  When I am filled with praise, what could stand in front of me? What could overcome me? What could pull me down? Nothing! Because God is so much bigger! And greater! And more awesome than anything! Cultivating an attitude of worship, adoration, thankfulness.. All these things are so good.

4. …… There are so many more things, but I think these are a good few. At least to get me going.

Thanks for reading this post! Never forget how precious you are in God’s eyes. He created you for something wonderful! :)


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