Drastic Commitment

Last month, on July 27, 2013, my life drastically changed as I made a commitment to a man that I love, a commitment to love him always and to stand by his side for as long as time.

It was the most beautiful day I have ever lived.

People came to Washington from all over the country to help us celebrate our love and commitment to each other, and I can’t even explain how it happened. It seemed like all of the sudden, every one was there, and so were we, and so was our love, and so was our God. Truly, he is the one who orchestrated it all, and he did a mighty fine job. He always does.

A month has passed since that beautiful day, and it still almost feels surreal. Did all those people really come to our wedding? Did we actually get married? How in the world did it all work out? Sometimes my husband and I like to pretend that the other has forgot we ever got married, and just playfully remind ourselves of that day, “Hey do you remember that one day when I was dressed in that really pretty white dress and you were standing up at the front of all the hay bales with a pastor and then I walked up to you with my dad and then we finally got married? You do remember? Yeah, that was a good day.” And that’s how it goes- it’s more fun than anything because of course we both know very well that we are married!

But the thing that I am most amazed at is all the encouragement and support we have been given through and since that time. Our journey to this spot has been long (not as long as some..) because of the long-distance we had to go through. People that are in our lives never stopped telling us that it would get better, to continue to trust God, and to always love each other. Honestly, that was just what we needed most of the time- to remind ourselves that this was worth it. So that when we look back on those long days where we were across the country from each other, we can smile because we never gave up and we never stopped loving.

My heart is so full.

I titled this post “Drastic Commitment”, not because I think my commitment to my husband was bad, but it was very good. The thing that makes it drastic is that it is seriously turning my entire world upside-down. I had to pack up my life from Kansas and Washington, and move pieces of it to North Carolina, which is where we live now (all of my things will get to our home eventually). I had to leave my family and move across the country where the time zones are so different that when I am eating lunch, they are just waking up. I had to change my schooling so I could continue online, and finish in three semesters rather than attending physical school. I had to tell all of my friends goodbye, and move to a place where I only knew my husband.

I said my vows and I meant them from every place in my heart, but I know that my life will never be the same. Since that time, I have come to realize this small, yet HUGE fact. The commitment we made is so drastic because we honestly didn’t know what marriage would look like (we still don’t because we’ve only been married a month)! I am so thankful for my husband, and these changes even though it feels so difficult. I am so glad that I married him.

When you make drastic commitments to other people, just be aware that it will change your life. It won’t necessarily be that you are getting married or anything, but whatever it is- never stop loving. Never stop living in the beautiful days. Never let your heart get empty.


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