No Greater Thing.

I can honestly say that there is no greater thing than love.

Love is what makes the stars in the night sky shine, and what makes the birds sing.

We were created with a purpose in mind, and that is to ultimately love God, and love people. I know this is a slogan, or saying, or whatever you want to call it, that many churches use to describe their ministry. In this, they are not wrong. However, I do think that sometimes it misses the mark, because it does not explain what this love looks like. Sure, it is only four words, in a tiny little sentence that might be painted somewhere or printed on something. So in that case, it makes sense that it is a short, catchy phrase.

I think there is more to love than four letters, or a sappy Nat King Cole song from the 60’s. People need to know that they are loved more than anything, and the way to communicate that love is by sharing. Sharing L I F E.

When you are sharing life with someone, you are telling them that they are worth it, and that you care.

We need to care for people, because people need to be cared for.


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