Breathing Crisp Air

There seems to be so much going on. And it is here, in the midst of this craziness, that God wants to tell me slow down. Really God? I mean, really..? Right now? When I have all these other things to do, you want me to.. Slow down? Who are You, some kind of crazy?

Yes.. I guess you could say I’m crazy. And I love you. I love you fiercely. I love you perfectly. I love you purely and wonderfully. Won’t you please slow down?

Oh.. Why didn’t You say that before?


Here’s the thing, you people who read my blog.. God works in funny ways, and usually.. Usually I miss it. It is a little sad and it breaks my heart once I realize it. Just a week ago, I felt like I should write out a blog and I never did because I could never find the time to do it. But here I am now, wanting to shower after a very long day and then go to sleep, and here I am writing this blog. What happened?

Well, apparently it was not me who wanted to write this blog, if you know what I mean.. Maybe you don’t. Let me be more blunt. Maybe God  wanted me to write this blog, to slow me down, to focus, to.. To breathe. I challenge you to take a deep breath or two (or more!!) right now. Close your eyes and simply breathe. Let your shoulders relax, and your neck, and your face, and your torso, and your legs, and your toes, and your hands, and your fingers, and your arms, and your heart. Oh, people, please let your heart relax.

Relax and breathe.

Do you hear anything? …….No? Try again :)

……Nothing? Still?

Well, here is what I hear and it is from the Father. These words are his, not mine. These words are meant for you, for all his precious children, because we are very, very precious to him.–

Oh my child, how I love you so! It has been a while since you let me speak to you, please just be quiet and embrace the love I have for you! Do you understand who I am? I am the creator of Heaven and of earth. I created all of this, for you, my sweet and beautiful child, to enjoy! Do you enjoy it? Please enjoy it, because I want you to see me in all of it!

My child, do you know how much I care for you? Do you understand how precious you are? I have made you into one magnificent human being! It is not wrong for me to admire my own work, and that is what you are. You are mine. And you are wonderful. I have chosen you, you have a purpose my child. Do not doubt me, because I will surely prove to you that my plans are bigger than yours.

Oh precious child, do not worry anymore. Be still. Know me. I desire you in a way that nobody else can, or ever will. You are beautiful. I can teach you the way of life, follow me little one. Follow me and learn from me. I love you, I cannot say it enough.

I love you.



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