A Little Bit of a Blizzard

Let me just start off by saying.. I love the snow!

The past few days here at Barclay College in little Haviland, Kansas have been very snow-filled and empty of school! Yep, that’s right! They cancelled school on Thursday and Friday! A few of my friends and I – well.. Probably more than just us – have been keeping up on the weather, and it looks like another bunch of snow is going to invade our space again.. I don’t really care, but other people do.. Apparently, the next town over is under blizzard watch until Tuesday.. That means it will probably hit us too! Crazy stuff is happening around here..

Outside, there is probably close to a foot of unmelted snow outside, at least if it hasn’t been touched. We had somewhere around 15 inches, but I’m trying to speak for the parts that I think may have melted. But anyways, that is a lot of snow out there! This is the most snow I’ve seen in a while, and I just love it!

There isn’t really a whole ton to say about it right now.. But the power is still on, so that is a plus! +


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