Earlier.. As in, a few moments ago, I was re-reading through some posts that I made during my 365 days of writing.. I went quite a ways back and found this post. I suggest you read it again, especially if you are struggling in some way, shape, or form.

What is right?

I have been doing this whole life thing all wrong lately. Focusing on the negative things never got anyone anywhere.

Now, I have tears rolling down my face because I know that the Lord is good. He is a good and gracious Lord. There really are people around me that want what is best for me. There are people who encourage me. There are people who love me. Maybe it doesn’t always come to me in the way that I feel it should, but it’s true. People are there for me. Just the other day I asked someone if they would mind praying for me, and they said of course! It isn’t uncommon.

Why do I always do this to myself? I make it all about me, when the focus should really be about Christ. I’ve debated posting on my blog a lot these last few days, because I have just been so frustrated. This life doesn’t look like how I thought it was going to, and that makes me frustrated and upset, when really.. I just need to stop trying to make everything the way I think and understand that God is in control..

He’s go the whole world, in His hands”

I know that is a child’s song, but the meaning rings true for always. Think about it.. He – God – has the whole world in his hands. That means that He’s pretty big.. That means He can, and will, take care of His kids.. Of you and me.

There is nothing that He can’t handle.

What is wrong?

The question.. That is what is wrong.. I need to start focusing on what is right.

If you are struggling, I’d love to encourage you to stay strong. Press on. Don’t give up now, there is so much to come.

Re-read the blessings that Christ has given to you, there are so many, I can promise you that.


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