Day 364

Day Something

(This is a post that I wrote in my journal before-hand, prior to falling asleep.. Hence my not knowing what day it was)

Today was “serve day”, here at Barclay. Let me explain this a little bit to you. The main man who is in charge of all this is a very old guy, but he loves it. It might even be the most favorite day of his entire year. But anyways, what he does is divide people up into groups. The cool thing is that he likes to put people in groups together with their friends, he’s good like that. Then the groups get designated with a “foreman”, who take us to work sites. It seems to usually be a lot of painting, but occasionally there are some other clean up type jobs, or I also heard of some re-roofing going on today also. Which doesn’t sound like too much fun, but they got what needed to be done, done.

Here’s what I take from today, learning to serve others is sometimes a challenging thing. Often, I find myself thinking, “oh, I don’t need to do anything. Nothing to gain anyways”, which is a bad.. No, crappy, attitude. To have a servant’s heart, a genuine longing to serve should be cultivated in my. Jesus has the ultimate serving heart. I don’t think anyone can truly deny that. The sweet thing though, is that the very same spirit from Jesus, lives inside us. We each have the capacity to serve and Love. That’s all we need, isn’t it?





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