Day 363


For volleyball, there are usually always some pretty long trips. The longer, the.. Less comfortable you will be. Getting jammed in there, 12 people in all, isn’t super hard at first. When the time comes that people are being obnoxious and making weird noises, and things start to smell bad.. Thats the time when people start getting irritated.

But aside from that, when we got back into the van to begin our trek home this evening, it began to storm.

I love me a good storm.. :)

Anyways, it was thundering, and lightnin-ing, and the rain was dumping and the wind, blowing as it has it’s tendencies. It basically is God showing off his cool-ness. I was trying to sleep, but I just couldn’t quite get there because the beauty in his creation of this storm was absolutely mesmerizing.


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