Day 337

Confession: Prayer Partners..

So, for a few different activities that are going on in my life right now, I have prayer partners. Previously, when I had a prayer partner, or something of the like, I don’t think I actually prayed for them..

That sucks.

So, I have a resolution! I will pray for these people. I need to. I made a promise to my coach, RD, and small group co-ordinator that I would do it, so.. I need to. Plus, prayer is a very good thing. It is communication with the most-high God of all. And why wouldn’t I want to talk to him, if he is always there for me? He doesn’t have to put me on hold. In face, it might be the other way around, I put God on hold..

That sucks.

When I finally look at my life.. That’s when I realize my sucky-ness at some things.. But I guess that is good in a way too? I don’t know..

Here’s to prayer!


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