Day 334

Speeches aren’t so scary

I have a class every Monday night, dedicated to giving, hearing, and learning about, speeches.

At first, it seemed quite intimidating, especially once I found out we would have to be giving speeches every single week. And today was the first day of it. I think it went rather well. I don’t consider myself a great public speaker, but it was encouraging. People only had good things to say, which also helped :)

When I was finished giving my speech – about the history of hair removal, no less.. – my professor asked me what I thought my calling was. It was interesting because he hadn’t posed that question to everyone in class, but the people (previous) who seemed to excel at this whole public speaking thing. And now, because he asked that, I have been wondering what God has for me.. Will I be up in front of people a lot? Will I be speaking to groups of people? Or is it just part of the worship experience that I want to be a part of?

Hard to say..


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