Day 331

So it’s been one of those long, eventful days. After yesterday, I felt really drained and misguided. My heart still feels weak, but I can tell things will be better soon.

There was a “no-talent show” tonight.. A couple of friends and I did something and that was fun. I’ve never really been one for putting myself out there, but I think this year is one that will be full of new things for me to try. I’m not single, but I have free reign over the things I can try for. Not that I wasn’t when he was here, but I always wanted to do things with him. So now that I have this time, myself, I can discover things.

After the show, it looked like it was going to rain.. It was already stormin’ in the Greensburg area (West), and usually stuff heads East, so we were in it this time. My friend and I headed to our rooms to get rain jackets, and then we were notified that some people were playing barefoot soccer.

Of course, we decided to go.

Then the rain began to pour.




And I can’t even describe how good it felt to get so soaking wet tonight. For one thing, it hasn’t rained this good in a very long while and second, I really felt as if God was trying to tell me to drench myself in him. To be immersed. To be fully clothed in his beauty.


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