Day 325


We serve life not because it is broken, but because it is holy (I don’t know who wrote this.. Sorry)

My friend told me this quote today and it really is just.. Wow

You know one other those things that is really true, and make you go, “man.. I need to be better. After all, God made life Holy!”

I don’t know about you, but there is so much life that I feel like I miss because I focus on my own brokenness. But here is the thing I have been noticing.. God made me Holy. He made me Beautiful. He made me perfect in his sight because his Son died for me!

Like yesterday, how I wrote that sometimes I lie to myself about relationships and how people like me or don’t like me or what have you.. God always loves us no matter what. So no matter if the girls in my hall think I am cool or easy to talk to or pretty, God wants to talk to me! God thinks I’m gorgeous! God thinks I’m the!

Seriously, though.


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