Day 319

It’s crazy to think that around a year ago this time, my family dropped me off at Barclay, in time for the dinner at coach’s house. Volleyball started the next day and I was prepared to cry the whole time because I missed my family so much. But, I got through it. I don’t always have the best memory, but I remember meeting a girl on the team after my family left. We sat on the floor together and talked about whatever came up. It was nice, and awkward for me..

“Who was this girl?! Oh.. And she lives next to me..”

I mean I liked her, but I hardly knew her. It’s true, I didn’t. But soon enough we became great friends :)

And she is getting married in exactly 2 months from today! I am so stoked! Not only that she’s getting married, but it’s the first wedding I have ever had the opportunity to be in!

I just feel so blessed to have known her and still keep in touch. God really does have a way of working things out!


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