Day 308

Back at it again

Here I am again, back in Haviland, back to work, back to the previous loneliness. Although it’s hard to believe the world can still function without me, I’m glad it does. Is this a thought to anyone else? Like.. How can any work get done if I’m not there? I mean.. Obviously it has to, but I want to be doing it. Kind of.

Have you ever thought about that, in a missional sense? I think it could be kind of motivational.

“If nobody reaches out to these people, how else would they hear the message of Love?”

“If I don’t tell them about Jesus, nobody else will.”

“Maybe this is their only chance of hearing the wonderful news of God, I have to tell them!”

Do you think that could change the style of our evangelism? I think it would mine.. So maybe I need to remember this for future reference. Living, and going to school, in a place so surrounded by people who believe the same as you, makes this point kind of irrelevant. There are opportunities (Christian service hours) to do ministry outside of this place, but we kind of get stuck into this routine, I think, and we don’t always exercise our Jesus-telling skills. I will admit it is easy for me to fall into this routine, of just going to class, and not really thinking about how it should affect the way I tell people about Christ.. Because really, that’s what this school is for. To prepare us to tell people about Christ.

I don’t really know where all that came from, I was just going to say that I’m back to work for the rest of the summer.. And then all that came out!


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