Day 293


It’s a funny thing how, after you turn a fluorescent lightbulb off, you can still see it shine a little bit. If you are in a room already lit, then it might not be so easy to notice, but in a dark room, those challenges created from the excess light fade fast. I guess it just hit me how strange that really is.

In church yesterday, the topic was on Jesus saying, “I am the light of the world”. The thing about Jesus is you can NEVER turn him off. He will always be a light in our ever-present darkness. That is such a comfort, is it not? He can never be stopped, defeated, broken, put out, or even dwindled!

HE IS, the light of the world.

And thank goodness!

Nobody else could do what he does, or do what he did.

Out of love.

Pure love.

True love.

Perfect love.



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