Day 285

Something that has been on my mind..

Worship music.

Why is it harder for me to focus on Christ during certain types of songs or styles of playing? I noticed this today, while at church, singing, and since then.. Haven’t found any answers other than.. It wasn’t how I was brought up.

Is that selfish?

I mean.. That is the biggest thing I can trace it back to. The only reason that seems sort of valid. I grew up around music all the time and when we moved back up to Washington, dad and his buddy played even more music, together. So I just learned to love their combined styles and sounds. And David Crowder was a lot of that they played, most of the time, they could make it sound pretty directly close to the songs themselves.

It’s just weird to me, I guess, how much the way you were raised really does affect you in the future.. Like a lot..

Anyways, as I was saying.. Sometimes, I find it rather challenging to sing worship at some churches or with vervain leaders.. Lately, it really has been something I have struggles with because all I want to do is sing, but I feel hindered because of how we, as the congregants, are being led. Even sometimes, the way a person’s (who is leading) voice sounds, makes me less inclined..

I just don’t understand it.



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