Day 263

I was reading through James 2 and I have always found verses 14 through the end to be.. Not always exactly encouraging, but more like a challenge. “Show me your faith without words,” he says, “and I’ll show mine with my actions.” That’s verse 18, and then he goes on and is (I’ve always imagined) mocking these people. I’ve assumes they were pious people, stuck on rules and formulas and then James kind of makes fun of them. Almost as if to say, “yeah, good try. Let me know how that works out for you..” I can kind of see how this would play out, not as if he is making himself better than them, but he just knows that they have been living this way for a long time, and everything (almost) that he is saying, contradicts what they think.

I want to always remember this because it is so important.. Letting our faith be known by our actions, not just by what we say.


I’m out.


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