Day 262

While Wiping Marker..

I was washing off my mini white board today, and it had dry-erase marker on it all the way back from probably around March. Some of the stinking crap wouldn’t come off, so I tried the trick I learned when I was much younger, and shorter, and smaller.

Scribble on the area you want  removed..

Wipe away!

And usually it comes out looking more white than before.

Which led me to a thought.. The thought was this: “Sometimes.. Sometimes things might have to get worse before they get better”. Brilliant, I thought to myself (again), just brilliant. Describing the situation I feel to be in.

I feel like things won’t necessarily get worse on the outside, but that my heart will continue to break at the things God is teaching me, before he deems me ready to be repaired again. I am not saying he doesn’t want to repair me, but maybe I have to undergo a certain amount of growth, learning, breaking, transforming, etc.. before he mends the wounds I’ve created.

Oi.. What a long summer to come..

Bring it.


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