Day 260

Family Time

It’s the best.

I remember when it used to never be fun, and mom and dad used to make us leave our phones either in our rooms or on the floor or something while we watched one of our “family shows” together. My dad had heard (well.. We all heard it) in church one day, of the pastor doing what he liked to call F.F.F., which stood for “Forced Family Fun”. At the time, I remember thinking it was the complete opposite of “fun” in my opinion, and my parents were just trying to sabotage anything fun that I could be having going on..

These were the times when I had no car. I barely had a cell phone. There was no reason why I shouldn’t have liked F.F.F. except for the fact that it was forced. Maybe that was the part I didn’t like.

But anyways, I have come to realize over the past few years that I really like Forced Family Fun time! It isn’t about getting friend time taken away, but it is about coming together as a family, and spending time together. These times we have, will get fewer and fewer as we head to college, and eventually get married and start out own families.

I know that every child has a rebellious stage, but I hope I can instill the love of “family” into them, like my parents have done for me. I am very thankful that we all get along so well. It is so easy to talk and laugh and just be with each other. And I love that.


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