Day 257

What is Right?

Lately, mostly the question I have been asking myself is, “What is wrong with this situation?”

I can come up with a million different answers, I mean.. It feels like I am quite alone where I am. My very best friends aren’t with me. My family is miles and miles away as well. And the people I am around, I can’t seem to get very close to.

My younger brother’s baccalaureate was tonight, and the staff speaker (and also one of my very good friends) spoke on a passage, and she mentioned that we need to ask ourselves, rather than what is wrong.. But what is right?

That question, right there, could, can, and will, completely change a person’s perspective on a situation.

A person.. Like me?

Yes. Even a person like me.

And I know that her little talk was more directed to the graduating seniors, but I know that anyone else listening can take whatever they wish, whatever was meaningful, whatever stood out to them, as well. So, therefore, I will take the question she posed. Really, I think the point she was making with that was a rather small one in comparison to the larger, more main message she was delivering. I am so glad that she made it anyways because I needed to hear it.

Thank you, my friend :)

-stay fresh, God bless


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