Day 252

Romans 12:9-13

This will be the topic of the group I’m leading. I was going to do verses 9-21, but then I decided that was a little bit too long for just one night. So, I made it into one paragraph. This way, we can focus on more of a “core” idea.

The entire segment is headed by the word “Love” in my NIV Bible. This isn’t talking romantic love, this is every day love. Friendship love.

Be sincere.

Be devoted.

Be faithful.

Be passionate.

Joyful, hopeful, patient, prayerful, hospitable.

Honor each other.

All these things are the kind of stuff we need. I am supposed to be light in this dark world, and lots of times, I don’t do a very good job of it. I think a lot of times, I only love the people that it is convenient to love, or easy, to love. Maybe because they are nice to me or whatever, but I can’t choose.. Everyone needs to be loved and to have a chance to experience the Love of Christ. What if I am the only chance for someone to be exposed to the Love?

Talk is cheap if my actions don’t follow through. I want to be reliable, and dependable, and not fake.

There is seriously so much for me to learn.


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