Day 245

Unlikely Surprises

As I opened my eyes, and heard the alarm, sounding the signal meaning “get up!!!!!”, I couldn’t help but feel like I should still be sleeping. I rolled over and checked my cell phone for any messages. I had five. Three were from Twitter, one was from my boyriend, and one was from my best friend.. The one from my best friend said a little something like this: “Your blog skips 100 days at day 236ish…”

I was a little confused at what she meant, and then someone else commented on the skip of days a while into the day. I never noticed.. But don’t worry, I fixed it now!

I’ve been living with my friend and her family for a week now, and hopefully tonight is the last night I will have to be an invader in their home. Not because I don’t love them, but because I was supposed to move into an apartment last week. It is really frustrating when you can’t move in, but I am very thankful for the graciousness of those who have let me sleep and eat their food.

It really means a lot.

Anyway.. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be living in an apartment. Because.. That’s where I was supposed to be a few days ago!

Stay fresh :)


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