Day 243

For Christmas this past year, I was given a Sudoku calendar. The kind where you do one a day. I decided to catch up on them because I was two and a half weeks behind.. Now I am only a week and two days behind! Yay for progress! :)

The message this morning was about Jesus being the Bread of Life. Food is essential to our living, so this is a good metaphor, especially for American culture. Essentially, Jesus claims that he is all we need, and rightly so! First of all, he created our lives. Secondly, he has the power to take it. This, to me, seems to scream:

Isn’t it obvious?! I made you! I love you! I am all you need!              ~Jesus

Stop trying to fill our lives with other breads. They will only make us feel sick and empty. But God’s bread, his way of life and love, will fulfill our desires. When I am more focused on Him, it makes more sense. Life works out better and I can think more clearly. When I control what I put into myself, and what I do with what I have, I find Jesus at the center.

Often, it’s so hard to focus, but we need to try. God deserves nothing less than our full attention and obedience. He’s called us to a life of obedience, that is the call of EVERY Christ-follower. The rest that He has planned will take it’s place in our lives, after we obey His leading.

Trust is Difficult

Love is Risky

Forgiveness is Undeserved.

All is worth it.

It is going to take everything we got.



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