Old Collectors

There is an old man who helps my boss (and us I guess) with plumbing and all sorts of different odds and ends. He is over 70 years old, I think, and he collects.. Everything!

That isn’t true.. Not everything, but there are many many things inside his little building. The first thing you’d be likely to notice is all of the tractors. First of all, he has three stationed outside of the place, all slowly being overgrown by grass and weeds. He took us inside and there were probably ten more, which he proceeded to tell us the year of each one and special facts of each one that he felt necessary to share. The ones he entered in Slow Races and the ones they wouldn’t allow him too because of some hydraulic system or something like that.

It was all very interesting, even though I was very tired still from the early rising that I am not yet used to.

Looking at all his items he collected, and the things he was kind of working on, I wondered what convinced him to start collecting. And what was it that made him want to collect each type of item? In the front of the shop, he has a display for the people who walk by on the street to see as well, and those are smaller items, but don’t worry.. There are plenty to go around and there is an abundance to look at.

I guess it just kind of amazes me that someone spends so much money and time on these things that do not last. I agree, it is very interesting and intriguing, but many of those types of items are things that I would not want to collect. I don’t know how much of it he can really ever use again, but it is there for display.

Interesting concept. I don’t really see it, but I do like to look at other people’s collections, I guess. Just sets my mind a wondering!

Stay fresh~


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