Day 232

I randomly opened my Bible and it was in Amos. The first segment I began to read was in Chapter 5, verses 18-27. It’s kind of crazy to read these things. First, it talks about the day of the Lord, and how it will be a day or darkness, not light. How it will be like a man running from one bad thing, only to encounter something worse. Then God begins to speak, telling Amos that he despises his people (v 21). God will not accept their offerings because they’re only doing it out of ritual. Not out of love or worship to God. It is all meaningless activity and he wants nothing to do with it.

^There is a summary of this passage.

Here (imagine down arrow) is application:

Truly worship Him.

He wants nothing else, and deserves nothing less. When I really sit down to think about everything God has done and will do, it amazes me that I could even foret. Sure enough, I do. Somehow, I need to remember.

Empty praise. Empty worship.

Whatever is empty.. Is unacceptable. And worthless.

I need to make it meaningful.



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