Day 229

Alright, I promise I’ve been writing. Since we were on tour, it got to be some late nights and exhausting days. It was a good, fun, and yet super weird event to be on. I’m glad it happened because I think I learned more about people. Anyways, we got back today and after I ran (not literally) to my friend’s house, I called my mother because it is:

Mother’s Day!! :)

She truly is the best I could ask for. It’s hard to think of all the people who didn’t grow up in the best homes of happiness like I did. I was (and am) very blessed to have the parents I did (and still do)! I wish there was more I could do to help those families, but I know that, right now at least, it is not my place.

My mother is absolutely fantastic and I am so blessed by all that she is to me :) I am so happy I finally got out of that stage and realized she loves me and is more wise than I had thought!

I love you momma! :)

Love, Meggie-Moo



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