Day 224

Host homes

Today we left for choir tour and we’re at.. Rose Hill, I think. We sang at their church and then the people that had volunteered to take us in, met us. It kind of made me wonder if that’s anything close to what being in an orphanage feels like.. Just waiting for someone to pick you.

Anyways, me and my packing partner are staying together at this one, slightly older, couple’s house. They are friendly and very hospitable and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Parts of it have just been awkward/weird.

They asked us if we liked dogs and we said we didn’t mind. Soon after, I learn they have 3  and my friend is scared of canines.

We go outside to sit at the fire and hear a weird noise inside. He goes inside.. One of the dog’s found cookies from my friend’s bag.

Suicidal bugs.

Odd-shaped fans.

Weird noises.

It’s interesting!



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