Day 221

Overlook? No.. Look right at it.

Sometimes, I think I overlook things, but this is one I cannot afford to miss. I am so incredible thankful for my family.

School is over and many of the people around me are going home, or to see their family. All the talk about being really excited and not being able to wait? It makes me miss my mom, dad, and brothers.. So much. I know I will see them eventually, in about a month, but it seems so far when, for others, it is so close.

Any amount of time spent with someone else’s family confirms that my own, is a blessing. We are a nique grouping of 5 people that somehow fit together imperfectly perfect.

Someday, I’ll start a family of my own, and have my own children. I wonder if they will have the same feelings that I do about my family. Family is so important, but also — keep your individuality within it.



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