Day 218

Questions of the Day

So for Christmas this past year, my brother gave me this book that asks you a different question every day, for one year. And it has five spaces, so you can fill it out over five years and see how the answers change from time to time. I really enjoy this gift!

Here’s the deal.. Sometimes, I am really quite consistent.

Other times.. I suck at it! haha

Like.. I haven’t done it in three or four days.. Oopsie..

And that makes some questions hard to answer.. Like if I waited to answer today’s in a few days.. It would be more difficult. The question is this: Are you hesitating?

Right now, I would say “no”, and maybe explain it. But in a few days.. Maybe I would be hesitating?! OR! I wouldn’t be able to remember all the way back to today..

Oi…….. A tragedy indeed.

Cool, thanks..



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