Day 217

Five Crowns

This game I first played at my best friend’s house when we visited (for my first time) his family for Thanksgiving. At first, I didn’t understand the whole concept of changing wild cards, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty fun!

So we played this game tonight, we being me and three other friends.. The object of this game is to NOT have points.. I would definitely say my one friend.. Well, she whooped us all. She had a mere three (yes.. 3) points, and I think the next closest was 40-something.. Maybe it was 70-something. Nonetheless.. That is a big difference..

She is good at that game!!

It was quite a good time though. I enjoyed it so much! :)


On another note. My room mate is having troubles with another girl. That should stop. Why are people dumb?


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