Day 214


Aren’t they weird? I think one time I learned what made you dream certain things, like if it’s what you were thinking about right before bed, or some subconscious thing.. But I don’t remember that now.. Go figure.

Anyways.. Last night I had a.. Weird dream. Not a huge fan of it, but here is what I remember:


I was in a boat with Jesus (pretty cool, right?!) and we were cruising along, down this river inside a building. Lots of this dream was just weird, but as me and Jesus were floating along, He was collecting candle samples. They were still kind of hot, but He molded them as He got them. Forming it into one piece of art. There were many, many, many candle wax shops along this building-river-deal, and we stopped at each and every one of them.

The entire time, I was crying.

Jesus eventually handed me the wax and told me that it was my turn. He would get the wax, but He wanted me to mold it. Again, as tears are cascading down my cheeks, He hands me wax and we move on to the next little area.

Time went on like this; the crying and molding of wax..

Near the end of my dream, we stopped and Jesus got out of the boat. He told me He loved me and that He couldn’t wait to see me again. As I tried to get out, with each step I heard a hammer hit a nail. Harder and harder I tried to escape and the nailing sound became deafening along with the screams of a man.

It had to have been Jesus.

And each of my steps was driving the nails into His holy body.


Like I said, I don’t know what this means.. But it very thoroughly scared me. Honestly, I am still a little bit freaked out.. But I do know that I love my Lord, and I do not deserve His love back.

“Without You Lord, I am nothing”


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