Day 206

Essays Galore!

I feel like every class I am in requires me to write an essay.. Or, like for my music class, a composition (using proper technique).. Obviously, it makes sense why I have to do these things, but the fact that I have to do them is annoying. I made a pact with myself the other day – last week maybe – and it is that I will finish the rest of this school year’s assignments on time and with my best quality. I can’t back down now. I made a commitment and I’m going to stick to it!

It seems like all my profs are bombarding me, but I know that is just how school is. Be that as it may……. I wish it were easier. Maybe if they were more spread out, it would be more tolerable. I only really have three things left.

Scratch that.. I still have four.


Three papers and a music composition – which I don’t know if he ever said when that baby was due.. I guess I will just figure it out when he mentions it. It’s got to be soon because there is only two weeks left!

Only two!

And then it’s summer, and I’m not going anywhere! It’s definitely going to be a huge growing experience from me, being away for even longer than the first time, and as far as I know only going home once.

God’s got something that I’m pretty sure He’s excited about, so I’m doing my best to be excited about it with Him.

Adventure in these last two weeks, here I come!

And adventure in the rest of my life, stay forever present!


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