Day 198

Deal With It

Why is it so easy to overlook the pain in people’s lives around us? Is it because we don’t want to deal with it? If we just stopped and observed the happenings around us, we would notice so much more.

Often, I feel inadequate to help people through their pain and I think that is the main reason that I don’t. There should be no excuse. No side-stepping. No standing on the outskirts, watching them struggle in a hard time. God put people in our lives so we could extend a loving hand to them. So we could pray for them and with them. So we can be the body of Christ.

That is ultimately the goal, I think. To love others as the body of Christ, the way God loves. It would be nice if every Christ follower took their commitment seriously and REALLY loved.

I mean.. Really. How many of us are perfect?


None of us. But I do believe we should strive for perfection. God wants nothing less than all that we can give him. I once wrote down, as a reminder to myself, “Why does God expect of me? Everything.” There is no reason I should hold anything back from Him.

He is Love.

We are His.

Therefore, we are extensions of His Love. I need to do a better job of that. My heart is so full with the Love of Christ! An outpouring of this constant Joy needs to occur.

Containing would be a shame, and selfish. The people around me need help, and need someone to pick them up. This is not a joke. This is real life.

Relationships are meanest to strengthen.

Encouragement is essential.

Now is the time to make things happen.

Here we go.


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