Day 197

Groggy-ness and sleep are best friends

It seems that when you don’t get enough sleep, you are slightly groggy. And in turn, you want to sleep some more.

This is how I have felt all day. Due to an obnoxiously long drive back to school yesterday, I didn’t get much sleep. Even though I could have napped, I felt the need to stay awake with my buddy who was driving. I did fall asleep for a little while, I’m not sure how long and instantly I felt a little bad for leaving him to drive in the darkness with no conversation partner or anything. He didn’t seem to mind, and I think even told me to go back to sleep!

I didn’t.

This is such a weird thing for me. I don’t know why I feel the need to stay awake with people who are driving in the dark.. In the daylight, it doesn’t seem quite as bad.

Tonight I resolve to go to bed before 11pm.

Stay fresh, God bless


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