Day 193


Indianapolis is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all of it, but what I did see, I enjoyed. Walking around all day made the joints and muscles in my legs ache, so that was also a bummer.

I got my first taste of an art museum. That was legit. There is an art museum in Seattle, but I’ve never been inside.. I wonder how cool it is.. Maybe next time I go down to Seattle, I will go there! Of course.. That might not be for quite a while.

Then we walked through the gardens next to the zoo. The flowers were so pretty! I love seeing the beauty of God’s creation, all in one place! And also experiencing it with people soon to be close to me was pretty awesome as well. Even though they had been there many times before, they were gracious in their staying with me and explaining historical items and letting me go my own speed. That was nice that they didn’t rush me.

Also, there was a canal that we walked along. Bikers and runners and and canoe-ers quadricycles and all that fun stuff was happening everywhere around us! It was pretty crazy seeming but mostly awesome.

I think another day when I have more energy, I would like to spend more time in Indianapolis, just walking around and enjoying the architecture and scenery.

We’ll see what tomorrow has in store!

Stay fresh, God bless

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