Day 180

James 1:17

Sometimes this verse really doesn’t click because maybe it feels like what I am going through is not a gift. The things that hurt my heart and make me less confident, don’t seem like gifts. In face, sometimes the circumstances feel like just the opposite of a gift.

But this verse clearly states that God gives Good and Perfect gifts. From above. Meaning Heavenly gifts. Meaning, God gives us parts of Heaven.

But.. Heaven doesn’t have hardships does it? No.. But I do believe God allows Satan to tempt us and all that, so in turn, we will cry out to Christ. It’s through the rough patches that God gives the greatest gifts.

It’s a little tricky to think of God allowing the devil into our lives, but as I open my mind some more, I think I see part of the reason why and it’s what I mentioned earlier. He just wants, and needs, us to recognize him.. Because he deserves ALL our attention, even MORE, yet he continues to bless.. Us?

And the fact that he is continually blessing us is true. He does not change as the shadows do. There is no reason he would, or should. God.. Is perfect!

Stay fresh, God bless


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