Day 187

The Day and it’s Happenings

What an amazing day! I guess I will begin by saying how it began. So, my room mate had to get up at 6:30 and she went over to her home to let the dog out. Being that I’m a light sleeper, I woke up too.. But it’s alright. Helped me start to get motivated to get moving.

The reason for such an early rise was because of our weekend seminar called Personal Evangelism Seminar. At first I was a bit.. Hesitant to be excited about it because I wasn’t sure if it would be good or not. Good meaning a legitimate learning and growing experience. Really, I had no reason to be worried. I should have just known that it would have been alright.,

After breakfast, we split into groups and were given assignments around the town of Pratt, Kansas. Our mission: To pray for the the entire town.

This was the first time I had really ever done anything like this before so I was a bit unsure and freaked out by the whole deal. My group was dropped off at what seemed to be a transition home for older folk, or some sort of small little apartment/condo complex. Our very first encounter with someone happened to be someone else who was trying to spread the Love of God. But! Their ideas, their denomination is a bit skewed. They are Jehovahs Witnesses, and it doesn’t quite fit with what I believe, or anyone at my school believes.

Anyways, we went on our merry way, praying for each little duo of houses. Upon our departure of the small community, we ran into an older woman and another man. They weren’t married, but they were friends. We started a little conversation with them and when we felt it come to a lull, we asked if we could pray for them.

“Are you Jehovahs Witnesses?” the woman asked. Immediately, she had put up a barrier, as if almost regretting what little she had just shared with the five of us. Quickly we shook our heads no and replied with the same, only to see her shoulders soften and her eyes crinkle with a smile. “Well then good!” she exclaimed. “Please, I need prayer today.” She went on to tell us a story about her granddaughter and the brokenness within her family. I couldn’t help but feel in my heart for her. The group of us surrounded her and the friend and we all prayed for her and for the situation.

As we walked away, we reveled in the circumstance. How awesome that this woman had let us pray for her! As the professor had mentioned previously, these encounters wouldn’t just bless the people we prayed for, but they would also affect our lives.

The day proceeded in this fashion.

THEN! We went to the gym, at Barclay, and waited for With Everything: Take Heart 2012 to begin. I must say. It was awesome :)

Since it was a really hot day, my best friend and I ran through the sprinklers to cool off. That was.. Very grassy.. I guess we didn’t realize that it had been mowed recently, so when I got back to my room to dry off, there was grass everywhere! Plus, I was drenched.. That is something that I will definitely do again.. :)

Stay fresh, God bless


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