Day 174

Adventures of the Gum Wall (pt. 4)

Laine quickly found a small door to enter. It was a good thing she was only nine otherwise it would have been most uncomfortable to try and get her body through the small entrance. She looked over her shoulder when she was halfway through to wave at her newfound friend, but he had disappeared. No where, was the little guy to be seen. Slightly disappointed, she turned back around and saw earth in front of her!

Her heart jumped, I am back home! Finally, she was in her familiar surroundings again. She emerged from a tree which was located in the middle of a thick forest. As long as I’m not back in that other world, she thought, I’ll be okay. I can find my way back from here, no problem!

Sure enough, it was no problem because the forest was at the edge of her family’s property. She rushed inside to find her brother, who was 14, to tell him about her most recent adventure.

As she explained to him everything that had gone on, he looked at her in disbelief.

“Laine, stop being stupid. There is no such thing as a gum world. That doesn’t make any sense at all. You are being ridiculous. Leave me alone, will you?”


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