Day 173

Adventures of the Gum Wall (pt. 3)

As the small man scribbled furiously into the awkward terrain, Laine struggled to read what it said. Unfortunately, it was all in a different language. Some sort of dialect that was foreign on earth. The frustrated nine year-old stormed away from the mini man and suddenly found herself face to face with a large animal. It seemed to be like an elephant, except it had the ears of a feline. Behind her, the little man quickly ended whatever he was scrawling into the ground and ran over to the beast.

It seemed to be his pet.

Quietly, the man whispered to the large thing and apparently encouraged it to leave Laine alone. Her heart was beating much faster than normal, I mean.. Laine thought she was going to be eaten! Or something absurd like that! But she need not fear, for the little man had just decided he would help her get back to earth. They both realized they could not understand each other due to the difference in language, but hand motions and gestures definitely helped.

Soon, the man and Laine found their way back into the thick of some sticky looking trees. It seemed everything was made out of gum or some other gluey substance.


I know these are getting shorter.. Since I didn’t write it all in one night.. I kind of forgot where I was going to go with this.. Oh well!


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