Day 172

Adventures of the Gum Wall.. (pt 2)

Laine’s feet kind of sunk a little into the pigmented ground. The substance of which it was made was questionable, and as she walked it put a spring in her step. Literally.

The land she had arrived in, seemed to be one made entirely out of gum. Odd shapes laced in disgusting colors, littered the ground upon which she was stepping. In a weird sort of way, the shapes of unknown origin seemed to appear out of the nothingness that surrounded her. They seemed to plummet to the earth she was on and devastated the ground, only to see it be repaired within the second it hit.

Laine was astounded. She had never seen anything like this before and her mind was definitely blown. As she swiftly navigated through the peculiar terrain, she noticed a small fellow standing there, to her left, a ways away. Not really remembering how or why, her legs began to move her in the direction of the little man. He had a normal-looking physique,  not like the landscape of this new countryside. Although short, he still seemed to be a full-grown man. Only more miniature.

“Hello,” she said to the man when she caught up to him. He didn’t move, only stared with eyes that seemed they would jump right out of his skull if they were able to do such a thing. “Umm.. My name is Laine, what’s yours?” she asked, trying to be polite. Again, only a blank stare was meeting her gaze. “Okay, maybe you can’t talk.. I wonder if you can write!” Now sparked with the new idea of writing, she grabbed a stick looking item from the nearby bushes and handed it to him. “Can you tell me where I am? Or who you are? Or what is even going on? Can you speak? Can you write? Can you even hear me?!”

Laine was getting a little perturbed.

As she finally made up her mind to try and find another, more intelligent source of life, he picked up the stick and began to scribble in the gooey substance.



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