Day 171

Adventures of the Gum Wall

As soon as she saw the wall, she knew that things would never be the same after that moment. The colors, separated, yet so close and so molded together, seemed to jump out and scream vividly of it’s past life. Walls and their sticky-ness seem to be of short supply, she thought, sometimes I just wish all walls were like this one. Perfect and gummy.. All the gum you could ever want; all on one wall!

Laine was a different type of girl, a girl that most would refer to as a tom-boy. She liked getting dirty and rough housing with they boys. Truly, she was most likely stronger than more than half of them, but she never let on to that. Especially if there was a new boy to the neighborhood. At first, Laine’s parents were concerned that she wasn’t feminine enough (whatever that means), but they realized that it made just as much, if not more, sense to let her be who she was than to challenge her to be more like a lady.

At nine years old, she stood tall and wore her long, deep auburn colored hair in a loose pony tail at the nape of her neck most days. Unless, of course, her mother forced her to wear it down for church. She was adventurous and liked participating in the daring sorts of activities. Although her mother wasn’t too fond of this sort of behavior, Laine never came home with a scratch or bruise bigger than a penny.

The wall of gum intrigued Laine in such a way that she felt she needed to get closer to it, to inspect it. She was determined to figure out its purpose. Gingerly, she walked to the wall while subtly glancing over her shoulder. Her small hands reached out to check the freshness of the many pieces that had been stuck, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years before! It seemed there was nothing special about the grimy wall, but she was insistent on finding adventure upon it’s sticky surface.

Her left had moved outward toward the window that was built into the once-visible brick of the old, decrepit building. Suddenly, the wall began to shake! She moved her hand away from the wall to see what might have triggered such violent shaking, only to find a large sized, deep purple colored, piece of gum stuck to the wall.

What is going on? she wondered, This is really weird.. But I’m guessing it’s the beginning of my adventure!

She jumped in the air and clicked her heels together, just like the boys in the neighborhood had taught her. When she landed back on the the ground, she was no longer saw the gum wall, or the decaying brick, or anything resembling where she had been before she jumped.

“I’m in a different world! Oh this is going to be good,” Laine exclaimed as she slowly took a step into the new area she had stumbled upon.


I’m going to write a little short story over a few days, all concerning, and pertaining to, Laine! Nothing in these stories is real.. It was just prompted by visiting the gum wall at Seattle’s Pike Place Market with my best friend.

Stay fresh, God bless


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