Day 163


I’ve come to the realization that many people here at school seem to not like the wind very much.. They even go so far as to say they hate it..


I definitely don’t feel that way. I actually really really like the wind. Maybe this is because of an idea which my older brother kind of introduced to me. He is the one that inspired my whole thinking on the “love like the wind” phrase. One day, I’m guessing, we were encountering the wind and he must have mentioned that he loves the wind. And he loves the implications of it, such as the power of God. And the unpredictable-ness of it.

There isn’t a whole lot of things to say this time, but I am drawn to the wind, not because it makes my hair go out of control, or because everyone says they don’t like it (although that may or may not be the reason I enjoy Mondays.. Every day of the week needs a little love!). But I love the wind because of the implications of it, like my brother has suggested to me on occasion.

I love him. And I get to see him in the next few days! I get to see BOTH my brothers!! And my parents :) AND! My best friend gets to come with me and meet the family. It’s going to be a party all week long!

Stay fresh, God bless

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