Day 161

Quality or Quantity of Time?

In a discussion today, after church, we were talking about (ultimately) marriage, but side-tracked into how we invest in children. One older woman mentioned that the time we spend with our children is about the quality, not the quantity of time. I can see that maybe holds true when children grow up, but as the pastor mentioned, the younger children are going to remember how much time mom and dad spent with them.

Although I do not have children now, I believe I will someday. One of my biggest hopes is that I will be able to spend ample amounts of time with them. I need to show them I love them but giving up my time, to be with them and to play with them and to just love on them. I also hope that the man I marry will be able to be home enough to be with the kids. After all, they’re his too! :)

I guess.. This post is just kind of random.. But it was on my mind today, so there you go.

Stay fresh, God bless

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