Day 160

Worry and Baking

Do they go together?


But the latter can cure the one preceding.

The reason I say this is because much of the day today, my best friend had a pretty bad case of “the Worries”. It’s true that we all get infected with the Worry Bug sometimes, and it’s not so easy to fight off. It’s kind of like everything hits you at once and there is no way to deal with it all in one day, let alone one hour. It’s times like these that we lose our ability to rationalize things and the ability to really think about what is going on. What is the real problem, this time?

Sometimes.. I worry quite a bit.

And sometimes.. I don’t even know that I am worrying..

That worries me..

Truly, it does kind of worry me that sometimes I don’t even know that I’m worried.

Anyways.. Back to the point. Baking, or painting, or anything like that can relieve your stress. I truly believe that the creative mind has the power to relieve and to release the tension that forms in our minds. Like I sort of alluded to the other day when talking about painting, having a creative outlet will.. Let out your internal emotions. I do, I do believe that.

The thing about worry, is that it eat you alive. It starts with little thoughts in your mind, telling you that things aren’t going to work out and that you are going to be miserable if you don’t do anything about it.

Don’t let it contaminate you!

I know I’m not really anyone to talk about not worrying because a lot of the time, like I said, I have some sort of underlying worry going on inside.. But, maybe because of that, I have found passages in the Bible to help others with that, even though I don’t have it all down pat.

Matthew 6:25-34

Luke 12:22-34

Do you see the birds?

How about the lilies?

Did you know that God cares for you? That he very deeply cares for you? You are always on his mind and he would never turn your life in a direction that you can not handle. And when you think you can’t handle it, think again. You have God with you. You can lean on him and he is going to carry you through whatever is going on, that seems to be not-so-great right now.

God cares for you.

Stay fresh, God bless


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