Day 159


Paint splatter.

A little drizzle here and there.

Pfffft! (of the spray paint)

Color combo? Yes, that one!

Chunky, cottage-cheese-type paint.

No good.

Glovies made of plastic.

Cups and random shapes.


Today, my friend and I got to be a little bit creative after work. We sifted through the nasty paints and pulled out ones that weren’t worthy of going back on the shelf, but had a little life still left in their tin walls. At first, I was a little hesitant and I didn’t really understand what he meant, but I went with it anyways..

But THEN! I got it, understanding what he meant and how the colors could flow together. I could envision a whole new picture and then the paint would swirl and fall off the boards to create another original piece of art!

It was lovely, letting my creativity get outside of myself again, in such a huge way. I do small things every once in a while, but it just is not the same as having a big blank canvas, or in our case.. A blank piece of wood :)

Let yourself be creative. God is creative.. He made you to be creative! And there is not even a good excuse.. Because.. Did you choose what you were going to wear today? That’s being creative. Did you choose what to eat, more or less? That’s being creative.

Let yourself be creative.

It feels exhilarating!

Stay fresh, God bless


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