Day 156

What Do You Think?

About yourself? Do you compare yourself?

I do.

I’m kind of really bad about it, and I do too often. And just as often, I am reminded by those I love that I am a daughter of God. He made me, and he did not make any mistakes.

So, this is to encourage.

You, whoever you are, are made wonderfully. I don’t care if you don’t think so right now or what.

YOU are God’s creation and he is mightily pleased with you.

He loves you so incredibly much and he has so much in store for you.

No, he did not forget about you and no, he does not think you are worthless. You are very worthy! You are very worth it! What ever it is, you are worth every bit of it.

You are special and unique and God has given you talents and characteristics, specific to you!

There is no one else on this earth that could imagine up someone like you, let alone every one on this planet. Yet, he created all of us and loves all of us.

You are chosen to be who you are, while living the life God intended for you :)

Stay fresh, God bless


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